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Welcome To iPointz Loyalty / Prepaid Card System

iPointz is best defined as a loyalty/Prepaid Card System that takes your Business on the Cloud Nine with Cloud Computing (SaaS) without any upfront cost, but you simply pay as you go. It is designed especially for Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The virtue of Software as a Service (SaaS) that is about Cloud Computing takes your business to an advanced level without breaking a sweat or burning a hole in your pocket as you do not need to purchase it, install it or managing expensive IT infrastructure; you simply pay off only for what you get benefited with the capacities and services of iPointz and that is on monthly or yearly rental basis.

It is Ideal for businesses, groups or associations, for its numerous robust features as it is secured Smartcard based Prepaid and Loyalty Reward System which works on SaaS model. Ease of Accessing customers data anywhere anytime using your smart phone, tablet PC, or computer gives you an advanced level of comfort and freedom. Only mobile POS (Point of Sales) loyalty and prepaid terminals and smartcards or NFC tags and no additional software required for iPointz Reward System. Its applications are easily customizable corresponding to distinct needs of business. Besides, it will provide you and your customer the best experience.

Retail chains, Supermarkets, Travel & Tourism

Malls, Retails chains

Hotels, Casinos, Night Clubs, Gaming Zones

Company Employees Staff/Contractors

Health Clubs, Spas, Internet Cafe, Lounge.

Retail chains

Universities, Colleges, Schools

Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacy etc

E-meal card - Canteens,Food Courts, Meal management co.

Frequent Flyer Programs for Airlines and Travel industry

Discount card Restaurants, Coffee House

Events and Exhibition